Monday, August 20

Linda Evangelista for W Magazine

Now, I am all about the Couture fashion spreads and high end art but this is just a little bit kooky in my book. 

Art and creative photo shoots are wonderful and I got to say the styling and muah work on this is absolutely stunning but all I see is custom pieces and/or costumes. I don't see any regular fashion on display or even any fantastic fall must haves. What happened here?? We are going into fall and I am looking for what the editors believe are going to be the big ticket items. These magazines are supposed to inspiring and helping the consumer in their purchases during the busiest shopping period of the year (not including the holidays). Who exactly dropped the ball here? Where is all the fashion?? Sorry for the rant guys, I'm just a little disappointed with this September issue W magazine. 

I'm just saying.... 

Super Linda
Model: Linda Evangelista
Photographs by Steven Klein
Styled by Edward Enninfu

For W Magazine, September 2012


  1. She is gorgeous, definitely a Super model :)


  2. Wow!! the pictures are amazing!! Definitely iconic

  3. Super hero chic? I would need some time to deconstruct the outfits down to basics. Or pick up the September issue of Vogue. I've been thoroughly enjoying mine!

  4. One of my favorite supermodels, great post!


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